Sparkling Wine Guide

When I wrote last year’s sparkling wine guide, the premise was all about celebrating the fact that 2020 was finally over. If only I had known that 2021 was also going to be just as much of a disaster as its predecessor, I would’ve changed my tone. So, this year, let’s just keep it safe and celebrate life… Sound good?

The “Does it taste good and have alcohol in it?” Sparkling Wines

Sometimes you just need something easy and inexpensive that will get the job done.

Cielo D’or Brut (or Semi Seco for a touch of sweetness) – $10.99

Blu Prosecco – $13.99

Gemma di Luna Prosecco – $12.99

Andre (Brut, Cold Duck, Moscato, Spumante) – $5.99

The “Tired of all these Zoom calls” Sparkling Wines

When you know you’ve earned something nicer, but you also know one bottle won’t do.

Collalto Prosecco – $16.99

Chandon Brut – $19.99

Chandelles Sparkling Rosé – 15.99

The “Social Distancing” Sparkling Wines

Get-togethers are still a bit smaller in attendance. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend the same money you would have, right?

Jean Richecourt Brut – $39.99

Lacourte Godbillon Brut – $34.99

Drappier Carte D’or Brut Champagne – $49.99

The “Treat Yo Self!” Sparkling Wines

Don’t we all deserve it after this year?

Laurent Perrier Brut Rosé – $84.99

Lacourte Godbillon Mi-Pentes – $59.99

The “YOLO” Sparkling Wines

Because you can’t take it with you…

Armand de Brignac Gold Brut – $371.99

Krug Grande Cuvee – $239.99

There you go. Everything you need to forget what in the world the last 365 days were.

On to 2022!


Brian Price
Wine Buyer
Liquor Barn – Party Mart – DEP’s

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